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Put Sinusitis to Rest with a Sinus Procedure in Arlington

We’ve all had an annoying sinus headache that made it difficult to go about the day. But what happens when sinus problems become an issue for your everyday life? If you’re experiencing certain symptoms, you may be in need of a sinus procedure. The ear, nose, and throat doctors at Cross Timbers ENT may be able to help. We perform sinus procedures with skill and have left many patients able to breathe easy again. Learn more about our sinus procedures in Mansfield, Midlothian, and Arlington, TX, and find out if you could benefit from one.

doctor looking at woman's nose

When You May Need to Schedule a Sinus Procedure

Many people in the Arlington, TX area and the United States as a whole suffer from sinus problems. If you’re among the millions that deal with these conditions, consider sinus procedures from Cross Timbers ENT as a way to minimize the symptoms. Common reasons to seek an expert sinus procedure include the following:


Also called a sinus infection, this condition is characterized by swelling of the nasal sinuses. Symptoms generally include stuffy nose, cough, headaches, plugged ears, and discolored drainage from the nose.

Nasal Polyps

Those with nasal polyps experience swelling of the nasal lining. These can lead to difficulty breathing and an abnormal sense of smell. You may have nasal polyps if you have a runny nose, post-nasal drip, pain in the face, snoring, or continuous sinus infections.

Any Condition That Causes Blockage to the Sinuses

Sinus procedures often involve removing an obstruction in the nose. This could include pieces of bone, nasal polyps, damaged tissue, or tumors.

Cross Timbers ENT Offers In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty

Among our specialties at Cross Timbers ENT is balloon sinuplasty. We generally use this procedure to treat chronic sinusitis or sinus infections. This procedure is less invasive than a typical surgery and involves using a balloon catheter to expand the sinuses. Once the sinuses are expanded, it’s much easier for our doctors to flush out any blockages that are causing you problems.


How Does Balloon Sinuplasty Work?

During a 15-minute balloon sinuplasty procedure, your Cross Timbers ENT doctor will insert a small balloon to open the sinus passages. Once we can access the sinus, we flush out the sinus cavity. Most patients experience relief right away! Unlike traditional, more invasive sinus surgeries, balloon sinuplasty will have you back on your feet in a matter of days. You’ll be able to undergo the procedure in the comfort of your familiar doctor’s office, rather than a surgery center. Learn more about the procedure with this video.


Benefit from an In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon sinuplasty is very safe—more so than invasive procedures typically used in the past. No incisions are involved, and recovery time is substantially reduced. In fact, balloon sinuplasty boasts an effectiveness rate of up to 94%. Other benefits of this procedure include:

  • Short procedure and short recovery time
  • Lower cost
  • Performed in a familiar setting
  • Patients may eat or drink before the procedure

Choose Balloon Sinuplasty for Treatment at Cross Timbers ENT

Balloon sinuplasty is an excellent choice for Cross Timbers ENT patients who are uncomfortable with more invasive sinus surgeries. Although this procedure is relatively new compared with other options, most insurance providers will cover it. Have more questions about our in-office balloon sinuplasty procedure in Mansfield, Midlothian, or Arlington, TX? Don’t hesitate to contact our staff to put your worries to rest.

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