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Thyroid Nodules, Growths, Masses, Lesions

They are called many things, but there are times when they need to go! The surgeons at Cross Timbers ENT have performed thousands of surgeries on both benign (not cancer) and malignant (cancerous) thyroid glands. We know when it is time to operate, and, just as importantly, know when it is time to refrain. Many thyroid issues do not require surgery, and we can fully explain when to proceed with surgical management and how it is done. We use modern surgical techniques, such as the use of the harmonic scalpel and the use of continuous nerve monitoring, to reduce the risk of hoarseness after surgery.

doctor examining woman's neck

The Parathyroid

Behind the thyroid are four tiny glands, called the parathyroids. These little guys can sometimes release too much parathyroid hormone (PTH) and cause calcium levels to increase. Often, the only treatment is surgical. At Cross Timbers ENT, we use methods that allow for minimally invasive removal, both in locating which gland is the problem and also using technology, called rapid PTH testing, which allows us to maximize the success of the surgery.

If you are having thyroid or parathyroid problems, contact us for an appointment today.

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