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When the patient calls to make an appointment, our staff will ask them for their insurance information. We use this information to verify the patient’s insurance coverage and benefits before they come in for their appointment. This will tell us if they have a deductible, and if so how much they have met. It will also tell us if they need pre-certification for any diagnostics, or if a certain procedure is not covered. Though a statement of benefits is not a guaranteed coverage, it is the best way to get coverage information. Our staff will go over these benefits with the patient when they check-in.

Cross Timbers ENT accepts a variety of HMOs, PPOs, as well as other health plans. Please call our office to verify acceptance of your insurance provider. Your co-pay and outstanding balance is due at the time of appointment prior to seeing the physician.

InsuranceAetna PPO/Managed Choice/HMO/EPOLeffingwellXWuXShellenbergerXChoX
InsuranceAetna Medicare Advantage PPO/HMOLeffingwellXWuXShellenbergerXChoX
InsuranceBaylor Scott & White (Must have surgery at a Baylor Surgicare facility)LeffingwellXWuXShellenbergerXChoX
InsuranceBCBS TX PPO/EPO/POSLeffingwellXWuXShellenbergerXChoX
InsuranceBCBS Health Select/Essentials/Premier ExchangeLeffingwellXWuXShellenbergerXChoX
InsuranceBCBS PPO Medicare AdvantageLeffingwellXWuXShellenbergerXChoX
InsuranceBCBS HMOLeffingwellXWuXShellenbergerXChoX
InsuranceBCBS HMO Medicare AdvantageLeffingwellXWuXShellenbergerXChoX
InsuranceCare N CareLeffingwellXWuXShellenbergerXChoX
InsuranceCigna PPO/EPO/POS/Local PlusLeffingwellXWuXShellenbergerXChoX
InsuranceCigna HMOLeffingwellXWuXShellenbergerXChoX
InsuranceCoventry (Aetna)LeffingwellXWuXShellenbergerXCho
InsuranceGalaxy Health NetworkLeffingwellXWuXShellenbergerXChoX
InsuranceHealth SmartLeffingwellXWuXShellenbergerXChoX
InsuranceHumana ChoiceCare PPO LeffingwellXWuXShellenbergerXChoX
InsuranceHumana Gold PlusLeffingwellXWuXShellenbergerXChoX
InsuranceHumana Medicare Advantage PPO & HMOLeffingwellXWuXShellenbergerXChoX
InsuranceMedicare Rail RoadLeffingwellXWuXShellenbergerXChoX
InsuranceQuickTrip Insurance HMO/PPOLeffingwellXWuXShellenbergerXChoX
InsuranceSilverback (by referral only)LeffingwellXWuXShellenbergerXChoX
InsuranceTriCare Prime (TriEast; Needs Auth Prior to Scheduling)LeffingwellXWuXShellenbergerXChoX
InsuranceUnited Healthcare Choice EPO/PLUS/HMO/PPO/SelectLeffingwellXWuXShellenbergerXChoX
InsuranceUnited Healthcare Medicare AdvantageLeffingwellXWuXShellenbergerXChoX
InsuranceWPS Commerical (Need referral to schedule)LeffingwellXWuXShellenbergerXChoX

***Note: Many marketplace plans are out of network for our providers. Please verify participation. Certain individual plans may be out of network. Please verify with your insurance and our office.***

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