At Cross Timbers ENT, we LOVE kids.  Not just because our doctors all have some of their own, but also because we really enjoy treating them.  Many times we can see the looks of exasperation when parents bring in a child who is always ill.  They are sick and tired of getting antibiotic after antibiotic and can’t take it anymore!  The lives of children who have chronic ear infections, sore throats, and allergy and sinus problems can truly be changed, often with simple and low risk procedures.  It is such a joy to see children transformed when we can get them back to feeling healthy.  Our audiologists are all trained in performing pediatric hearing testing, our offices are designed to be child-friendly, our staff are caring and patient with kids, and all of the centers where we perform surgeries are experienced in handling pediatric ENT patients.  Some of our physicians even have privileges at Cook Children’s Medical Center, in order to make sure that more complicated cases can be managed.  Got a sick kid?  Call us!