vaious_sinus_diagrams_image1Your ears are important. They not only enable you to hear sound, they also play a role in your body’s ability to balance. Cross Timbers ENT physicians are here to help you keep them healthy.

It’s important to pay attention to any warning signs. Dizziness may be a sign of inner ear blockage due to an ear infection or something more severe. All three sections of the ear are susceptible to infection. Our doctors can diagnose your symptoms and treat any infections stopping them before they get worse.

Another specialty of Cross Timbers ENT is treating hearing loss. Hearing loss is a common medical condition affecting one in ten Americans. Our doctors and audiologists can help you regain your hearing with Cochlear implants or Bone anchored Hearing Systems (BAHA).

If you are experiencing any symptoms, contact our offices to set up an appointment today at our ENT Arlington or Mansfield locations.