How and where can an ear infection happen?

Cross Timbers ENT helps numerous patients with ear infections. Children’s ear canals are smaller than adults, which makes them a higher risk for infection. And although they tend to have more ear infections than adults, everyone is susceptible. Patients usually find their outer ear is the most common place infections occur. Swimmers ear alone accounts for 2.4 million healthcare visits in the United States. So, how and where can an ear infection happen? Your ear is made up of three sections: the outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. While most ear pain resolves itself in a matter of days, you should get an examination to understand the type of infection, prevent it from spreading and obtain treatment to help alleviate the pain.

Outer Ear Infection (Otitis Externa)

Also known as Swimmer’s Ear, outer ear infections result from an inflammation, often bacterial, in the outer ear. Generally, they happen when water, sand or ... read more

When do I need an Assisted Listening Device (ALD)?

Once your Cross Timbers audiologist has determined the level of your, or a loved ones hearing loss it may be time to decide on a hearing aid or cochlear implant to help treat the condition. We do have some patients however, which need further assistance or other options for their hearing loss.

Our patients may ask, “What if we need more help than the hearing aid provides in certain surroundings or situations?” Cross Timbers ENT can help by walking you through all your options making sure you’re completely informed before making a decision.

One option may possibly be using an Assisted Listening Device (ALD). These are devices are designed to assist you in hearing better using technology known as Hearing Assistive Technology (HAT). Assisted Listening Devices are often used in conjunction with hearing aids or implants when further hearing assistance is indeed needed.

Assisted Listening Devices will expand the functionality of hearing aids and cochlear ... read more