Check In with Phreesia

Check in with Phreesia. We’ve invested in technology to serve you better. Checking in with Phreesia will reduce medical errors, make a faster visit. Your health records will always be up-to-date. All the information you enter is private and secure.

What is FollowMyHealth® Universal Health Record?

Hundreds of thousands of individuals have chosen to take a more active role in their health care by using FollowMyHealth®- an online, innovative tool that provides anywhere, anytime access to personal health records, and enables the patient to take a proactive role in managing their care.

FollowMyHealth is used by hundreds of healthcare organizations and thousands of physicians across the country as the power behind their hospital or clinic’s specific patient portal. While your portal may have a different name, the technology is the same.

With FollowMyHealth, you can:

Review your medical records online in a safe, secure environment Communicate privately with physicians via secure messaging View test and lab results, read medical notes from your doctor Update your health information (allergies, medications, conditions, etc.) Request Rx refills Schedule or change appointments Fill out and submit forms prior to appointments View and pay bills

…and more!

And it’s available online 24 hours a day, 7 ... read more

3 Reasons to Choose Facial Rejuvenation

We all want to “Grow Old Gracefully” and “Turn Back The Clock”!  With Facial Rejuvenation treatments, you can turn back the clock!

Many men and women choose facial rejuvenation treatments for a variety of reasons:

Improve Your Appearance

Facial rejuvenation procedures include treatments ranging from chemical peels to injections to surgical procedures.  Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, Restylane, Voluma, Volbella, Sculptra, and Kybella are many of the injectable facial rejuvenation products and procedures available to help our patients achieve the youthful, rested appearance they desire with little or no downtime.

Boost Self Confidence

By working to improve your appearance, you will directly boost your self esteem and self confidence. When you feel good about yourself on the outside, the positive energy is reflected directly inward. Boosting your self esteem has been shown to improve your overall health. So when you opt for facial rejuvenation, you are making a commitment to not only a better looking version of you, but ... read more

New Patient Visits: What to Expect & How to Prepare


We look forward to meeting you on your initial visit to our office. At this time, we’ll help you get acquainted with our services and learn about your particular diagnostic and treatment needs. Our electronic medical record allows us to provide you with the highest quality care and allows for optimal communication with your other health care providers. In addition, we know that every patient is different and has specific needs, and we will strive to provide you with personal, individualized attention.

You can make a difference in the quality of care that you or your child receive. Remember to ask questions, keep an accurate medical history, understand how to administer all medications, understand what you or your child’s test results mean, and what to expect if the physician recommends surgical treatment for your or your child.


Prepare for your new patient visit:

Bring your Health Insurance Card or Information and photo ID ... read more

Understanding Your Insurance


Navigating your way through the insurance maze can be a confusing and sometimes frustrating experience.   Changes in the healthcare system have only made it more confusing.   Patients are often hit with Out Of Network Providers, Referrals, Non- Covered Services, benefits, deductibles and co-insurance issues and it is the patient’s responsibility to know this.     We at Cross Timbers ENT PLLC know this is frustrating, and we want to help you navigate through the insurance maze.

Ultimately, it is the patient’s responsibility to be familiar with their plan, know the benefits and providers contracted with their plan.

Here’s a few FAQ’s:


Do you take my Insurance?

Insurance plans have changed so much in recent years. So many individual plans and plan groups have been created. Even though your doctor may be participation on the underwriting plan, they may be out of network for your individual plan or group.   For example, your doctor may participate ... read more

Canker Sores: Treatment and Prevention


You can’t help but hate these things, right? We agree and that’s why we put a series of tips together to help you treat and prevent these little buggers.

Cross Timbers ENT has patients who come in complaining about the pain of their canker sores. These canker sores are also called aphthous ulcers. They are lesions in the mouth and are some of the most common causes of mouth pain. A canker sore is not the same as a fever blister. Canker sores are usually less than 1 centimeter in sixe and oval shaped.

No one is certain what exactly causes canker sores. Some believe canker sores may be linked to problems with the body’s immune system or possibly some of the following conditions:

Mouth injury from dental work Cleaning the teeth too roughly Biting the tongue or cheek Emotional stress Lack of certain vitamins and minerals in the diet (especially iron, folic ... read more

What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is the inflammation of the tissue lining your sinuses. It’s one of the most common health problems in the country affecting 37 million Americans each year. Direct healthcare costs due to sinusitis are well over $8 billion a year.

Certain conditions such as having a cold, an allergic swelling of the nose (called rhinitis), nasal polyps within the nasal cavity or a deviated septum can lead to sinusitis. Once these conditions appear and block the normally open sinuses, the stage is set for germs and viruses to to rapidly grow.

A patient may have acute or chronic sinusitis. Acute sinusitis is a short-term infection, which rapidly appears. It may last around 4 weeks. Most patents get acute sinusitis. Chronic sinusitis on the other hand will last several weeks and can even linger for years.

Chronic as well as acute sinusitis usually have at least 2 of the following symptoms:

Drainage of thick, either yellow ... read more

How and where can an ear infection happen?

Cross Timbers ENT helps numerous patients with ear infections. Children’s ear canals are smaller than adults, which makes them a higher risk for infection. And although they tend to have more ear infections than adults, everyone is susceptible. Patients usually find their outer ear is the most common place infections occur. Swimmers ear alone accounts for 2.4 million healthcare visits in the United States. So, how and where can an ear infection happen? Your ear is made up of three sections: the outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. While most ear pain resolves itself in a matter of days, you should get an examination to understand the type of infection, prevent it from spreading and obtain treatment to help alleviate the pain.

Outer Ear Infection (Otitis Externa)

Also known as Swimmer’s Ear, outer ear infections result from an inflammation, often bacterial, in the outer ear. Generally, they happen when water, sand or ... read more

When do I need an Assisted Listening Device (ALD)?

Once your Cross Timbers audiologist has determined the level of your, or a loved ones hearing loss it may be time to decide on a hearing aid or cochlear implant to help treat the condition. We do have some patients however, which need further assistance or other options for their hearing loss.

Our patients may ask, “What if we need more help than the hearing aid provides in certain surroundings or situations?” Cross Timbers ENT can help by walking you through all your options making sure you’re completely informed before making a decision.

One option may possibly be using an Assisted Listening Device (ALD). These are devices are designed to assist you in hearing better using technology known as Hearing Assistive Technology (HAT). Assisted Listening Devices are often used in conjunction with hearing aids or implants when further hearing assistance is indeed needed.

Assisted Listening Devices will expand the functionality of hearing aids and cochlear ... read more